This is an arcade type action game playable from 2 to 4 players locally with a Top-Down camera. The mechanics of the game are based on a constant imbalance, and rebalanced every X seconds (defined by the game mode), between players with a larger size and those who are smaller.
The Bigger ones can destroy the smaller ones. The game offers different game modes based on this same original game mechanics. The parties are held in closed arenas and have specific mechanics such as electric gates, black holes (teleportation), holes, etc.

- Chased proposes a multitude of very different modes, but presenting a simple original mechanics easy to take in hand but technical.

- The game revives with the instant fun and atmosphere of arcade games such as pac man, pinball, ...

- Every X seconds, all players have changed their masses according to the number of pick up they have collected during the previous phase (X seconds). Which means that a small having recovered 3 times, will become the biggest at the end of time and will be able to turn and try to explode the player who chased him.