TerraCodex: The Eleven Relics (VR Game)

Travel and adventure around the world - in the middle of the 30s - in search of the 11 relics, stolen spectacularly days before their opening to the public. Look for clues, manage informants and overcome challenges as you explore fascinating cities and places while time runs out. A rich and immersive experience - surprisingly different with every play. 20 cities; innovative storytelling engine, thieves AI and clue generator; unique buyers and surprise events in a game carefully crafted for VR.

Originality: An innovative storytelling engine with thieves AI and clues / unique buyers generation; high replay factor; 20 unique cities; a race against time; different endings; informant system; surprise events; fascinating settings / visuals; designed for VR.

Key points: Fresh approach on VR; wide audience; pleasurable and comfortable experience; multi-platform; good IP potential; dynamic content; rich setting.