Transport Company Simulator

Delivery Simulator is a simulation game where players are tasked to perform logistics from beginning to end in single- or multiplayer. There is a large variety of vehicles that players can drive. Players will initially take a mission with their vehicle(semi trucks, rigid trucks, pickups, vans), then load their vehicle using a forklift, crane, telescopic handler, loader and other load vehicles. For vehicle carrying truck missions, players must park vehicles on trailers by themselves. Players can attach a trailer to their vehicle (Car/Van/Pickup) to increase their cargo capacity. Players can fill up their fuel tanks from fuel stations, and repair their vehicles in maintenance areas when they are damaged. The multiplayer enables the players to play some special coop missions that can only be achieved in a team.
Missions will be taken in an open world. Players will drive to logistics areas in the map and select a delivery mission from available missions. Then using load vehicles (forklift, wheel loader, crane, etc.) available in the logistics area, players will load their vehicles. Following GPS, players will drive their vehicle to the destination. Obeying traffic rules (speed limit, traffic lights, etc.) and driving carefully without damaging the cargo will lead to higher income. To shorten the road players will be able to use ferry boats. There are urgent missions which must be completed in the shortest time, also there are fragile cargo missions where players must carefully load and deliver.