MODECOM Volcano GMX5 Beast

MODECOM VOLCANO GMX5 BEAST is a professional optical mouse for hardcore gamers.

MODECOM VOLCANO GMX5 BEAST was equipped with advanced optical chipset PMW3360. Components used for GMX5 BEAST enable adjusting such elements as: optical parameters (adjustable wide-range 50 – 12000 DPI), buttons (macro support). The quality of the sensor gives an incredible advantage in FPS games. Design of the mouse allows you to dominate during multimedia entertainment.

MODECOM VOLCANO GMX5 BEAST mouse can be fully configured to suit the user's needs through a weight system (8 weights each weighing 2.5 grams) and dedicated software with macro function.

All of the above features, combined with an ergonomic design with rubber sides that increase the comfort of use, make the GMX5 BEAST model in the hands of every gamer an ideal weapon of virtual entertainment.