AIRHEART is a dieselpunk action game about a young woman, who flies her airplane and catches skyfish among beautiful sky islands. Amelias biggest dream is to reach the stratosphere and to bring down the legendary Skywhale, which promises riches and fame for a lifetime. 

In the world she lives in, fishing isn’t a hobby - it’s a risky and competitive job. Amelia needs to venture deep into deadly territory, avoiding sky pirates and automated security drones. 

Dive in the beautiful but dangerous world of flying islands, reach higher and higher, buy new airplane parts and weapons you need. Could you be the one to bring down the skywhale? 


Navigate your beloved airplane through the skylayers above the city of Granaria. Don’t crash or get shot, remember to always go back home safe. 

Catch fish and sell them to buy a new equipment. Be careful, some of them will try to hunt... YOU! 

Build your airplane and weaponry and remember: with the sky pirates the best defense is a good offense. 

Use your harpoon to reel in really big fish, disassemble your enemies or even steal their weaponry! 

Find launch bases to advance to ever higher skylayers and check what waits for you on the way to the stratosphere! 

Get ready to fight powerful bosses to advance. Being sky fisher(wo)man is not a piece of cake. 

Analyse scraps to craft blueprints to build new parts or buy them in the shop and prepare yourself to explore more and more dangerous places. 

Amazing graphics
You know those hypnotising beautiful flowers, which hunt bugs? Well, that’s a great metaphor for the world of AIRHEART. 

Great music
A custom made soundtrack promises to keep you energised and ready for the adventure! 

Dynamic gameplay
We are working on ever more complex random generated levels to bring hours and hours of fun. 

Interesting background
As always there is also a core message where we’d like to talk about some real world problems such as social inequality and overfishing.