The Exiled (Das Tal)

MOBA tactics meet Sandbox MMO strategy. Escape from a dark fantasy prison valley. Fast-faced Combat. Open PvP. Full Loot.



The Exiled is the world’s first Sandbox Survival Arena. In The Exiled MOBA tactics meet Sandbox MMO strategy. Our goal is to make MMOs fun again for PvP fans. No more grind. No more pay-to-win. No more tab-targeting. We are creating a game designed to be compatible with the busy life of an adult gamer.

The Exiled is available for WindowsMac and Linux. It is a buy-to-play game. Paying once means you can play the full game for as long as you want.


We will throw you into a dark fantasy prison valley. You start each game with nothing but your wits and your PvP skills. Over the course of weeks and months you will explore this world, grow stronger and learn to survive.

Hundreds of players will join you in the valley. Amongst them you will find friends and allies to form a clan. Start building your own settlement and empire whilst competing with rival clans.

In a completely player-driven economy, your influence and income will grow through diplomacy and warfare. You will strive to break free of your chains, defeat your captors and emerge victorious from your exile.



We want your skill to be the deciding factor in combat - not the gear you bring or your character’s level. The following three main pillars of our combat system make this possible:


Natural, direct controls: You control your character’s movement with WASD and aim your abilities with the mouse. Every single ability is a skill-shot. There are no guaranteed-to-hit auto attacks. Position yourself correctly to dodge enemy attacks and hit them instead. Or perish.


Friendly fire: Every single ability in the game will affect both allies and enemies. So be careful where you aim that fireball. Hit a stray target and you might blow up your own party. Think about where you place your healing spells, or the enemy might enjoy them instead.


Vision warfare & scouting: In a game where your line of sight really matters, you have to be careful about your positioning. Every patch of tall grass could hide an ambush. Every footstep you leave behind might lead an enemy to track you down. Use the environment to your advantage and apply advanced tactics like sneakinghiding and ambushing.

Lost your gear in a fight? Replace it in your clan settlement.  Lost your gear in a fight? Replace it in your clan settlement.

And while expensive equipment is worth the investment you will face a significant chance of dropping your gear on death. All gear in the game is crafted by players though and can be replaced in a reasonable time. And even with medium quality gear, a higher-skilled player will still outplay an opponent with better equipment.  



Lots of games offer PvP combat, but lack one important thing: consequences. The adrenaline rush you get when losing a fight should mean more than just queueing up for another match. PvP gets interesting when you have something significant to lose. Open PvP and Full Loot ensure there is always something at risk: Your inventory, your equipment, or even your clan’s settlement. Remember the days when PvP was a high-adrenaline experience? We are bringing them back.

Open PvP makes for a high-adrenaline environment  Open PvP makes for a high-adrenaline environment

We call our game a Sandbox because it allow you to write your own story. Your exploits shape the game world and its history. Defend your walls against an enemy onslaught. Defeat a group of bandits against overwhelming odds. Sneak into the settlement of the world's wealthiest clan, to steal from under their noses. Your actions will become stories to share once a game world ends.

Lone wolf or clan member: Choose your own path.  Lone wolf or clan member: Choose your own path.

Whatever you do in The Exiled you will contribute to something bigger. Raiding a resource spawn in enemy territory will strengthen your clan’s economic position. Defending your settlement in a siege fight will be crucial to keep your base of operations. Use your skill in battle and diplomacy to make sure that your clan is on the winning side. Always have your main goal in mind: You want to leave the valley victoriously.

Gain your clan's respect through PvP raids and skirmishes.  Gain your clan's respect through PvP raids and skirmishes.



In The Exiled you will be able to find your own role in combat and customize your character to your play style. Our dual-class system defines your character by your choice of weapon and armor set. Each of these sets will give you access to a broad list of abilities that fits their theme.  

The first eight weapon and armor sets planned.  The first eight weapon and armor sets planned.

The first eight weapon and armor sets planned. We currently have four weapon sets in the game: Reaver (Scythe), Archer (Bow), Elementalist (Staff), and Ritualist (Totem). These combine with our three current armor sets: Arcanist (Robe), Assassin (Leather), and Guardian (Splint Mail).

With this we already have a total of 12 current class combinations you can choose from. With the total 8 armor and 8 weapon sets we have planned, the amount of possible combinations soars to 64 different class combinations

Armor classes / Training screen in the alpha version.  Armor classes / Training screen in the alpha version.

Within your weapon/armor combination you will be able to further modify your character. You will gain access to many more abilities as your characters levels, but will only ever be able to take ten into battle. Pick the best combination for each engagement, much like deck building in a card game. Oh and of course all abilities can also be upgraded individually to increase their effectiveness.

Eight skills make up your character's skill bar.  Eight skills make up your character's skill bar.



The Exiled has been will feature hundreds of different game worlds at the same time. Each of those worlds is unique in both geography and rule set. When you first start in a new world you will know nothing about it. You will have to explore, learn about its dangers and find out where to settle down.

A multitude of worlds and systems will be yours to explore.  A multitude of worlds and systems will be yours to explore.

Game worlds in The Exiledare always time-boxed. That means that they will exist for a set duration (around one to three months) and then end in a massive end event. Each world is planned to support about 2.000 registered players, 200 of which can be online at the same time. 

This has many benefits:  

1) When a new world begins all players start on even footing. This gets rid of the power gap where players with months of playtime continue to grow stronger, while new players struggle to keep up and compete. As a new player you will always have the same chance at success as everyone else.

2) Time-boxing worlds allows us to remove a lot of grind that MMO developers often build into their game to prevent you from hitting the "end game" too fast. In The Exiled you rise to your full potential in a matter of weeks, and we don't block you with pointless grind.

3) Since we have so many game worlds, we can experiment with different features for each game world. With multiple game worlds and flexible rule sets, we can tailor the game experience for very specific groups of players. 

So many options to choose from ...  So many options to choose from ...