ZAMB! Redux

ZAMB! Redux is a local co-op action/tactics mash-up for two players. Players become space agents Cye and Chrome who have to join forces and stop an evil scientist Dr. Hundertwasser who plans to attack and dominate the galaxy. When infiltrating the madman’s asteroid base, they face his army of insectoid mutants. Trailer:


• Local co-op multiplayer for two,
• Solo Mode with help from AI companion,
• Action plus tower defense tactics,
• Two distinct characters: Cye (close combat and special Powers) and Chrome (long range and tactical Turrets),
• Variety of Powers and Turrets,
• Character development system,
• Replayability through challenges and stage-specific tasks,
• Wacky sci-fi cartoon art style of characters and game world.

You can buy ZAMB! Redux here: