Bachelor of Arts

Become a Software Engineer, Interaction Designer or Product Manager

At CODE you will experience a new way of learning. Our experiential learning approach enables you to acquire core competences that help you succeed in a dynamically changing world – even in fields that don’t yet exist. We believe that the most effective way to learn is not by passively absorbing selected facts and ready-made content to reproduce for the next exam but by doing what you love. That’s where curiosity-driven education comes into play. 

The core of the three study programs, Software Engineering, Interaction Design and Product Management, are practical projects, accompanied by seminars and workshops with an advanced flipped-classroom idea. The founders call their learning concept "curiosity-driven education." CODE’s goal is to offer students an education that reflects the reality of professional life. The project-based teaching approach of CODE offers students a practical and state-recognized degree - without lectures, examinations or grades. In concrete terms, this means group work instead of lectures, projects instead of exams and competencies instead of grades. Evaluation of performance is informed by a competency profile individually tailored to each student. 

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