The Marketplace Manager

Marketplace Manager

A solution designed for marketplaces, the Marketplace Manager can easily manage complex multidirectional payments as well as evolving
compliance regulations. Marketplaces can outsource a part or full payment function to the SafeCharge Marketplace Manager and focus on the business.
• Seamless seller onboarding

• Multidirectional payments management

• Split payments and currency conversion

• Reduces the scope of compliance
for marketplaces
• Intelligent data insights and
• Single reporting platform

Payments Engine

Our end-to-end proprietary platform puts you in control of your business. You can scale up, overcome roadblocks with intelligent data and bring complete transparency to your payments. SafeCharge Payments Engine answers to your every business demand.

• Omnichannel checkouts

• Over 150 international and local payment methods

• Advanced fraud prevention solutions

• Regulation compliance

• Intelligent data insights and analytics

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