VocabiCar - "Best Serious Game" 2018

Learning vocab in context through play!

Tearing through exciting themed worlds, the racers are in hot pursuit of letters, words and objects. And all the while the crucial vocabulary for the first years at school will be sinking in.
What‘s more, as kids see their learning progress reflected in a high score, they‘ll be raring to learn like never before.
VocabiCar combines high-octane gameplay with effective vocab training for pupils aged 8 to 11. The kids drive toy cars through exciting themed worlds and, depending on the game mode, collect letters, words or objects. A breakneck chase for animal vocab takes place on a farm, the hunt is on for food in the kitchen, and for clothes in the bedroom.

There is a variety of great special features:

  • various game modes (collecting letters, words or objects, topics) 
  • all the essential vocabulary for year 3 to 6
  • different levels of difficulty to suit all players
  • a choice of many vehicles
  • exciting themed worlds
  • a range of challenges