Farm Folks

Farm-Folks is a classic rpg farming simulator. Grow crops, raise livestock, build relationships, go adventuring and much more!

You are given a run down old farm to clean up, it's full of rubble and mess! Clear your fields, plant your seeds, and nurture plants to life. Don't forget to take care of your animals! Feed them, milk your cows, collect chicken eggs, ride your llamas and more!

Sell all of your resulting produce by dumping it in your produce bin, the distributor will collect it at the end of the day. If you're selling in bulk, you will need to load up your truck and transport it to the distributor's warehouse!


Grow Crops

What's a farm simulator without farming mechanics? Clear your farm of logs and other debris, till your soil, plant your seeds, and nurture them to life. Grow a range of seasonal crops  from juicy carrots to the tallest corn, farm to your hearts content!

Raise Livestock

Raise all kinds of animals in Farm-Folks. Take care of Fluffy llamas, plump pigs, speedy ostriches and some fat cows! Each animal type produces different items which can be used in recipes, crafting, sold or just eaten to boost your energy!



Build Relationships

Build friendships by bringing gifts to townsfolk, remember their birthdays, attend special town events and more. High friendships may result in receiving special unique gifts from some townsfolk!