Heartbit Interactive S.R.L.

HeartBit Interactive is an Italian indie game studio headquartered near Piacenza, Italy.

It was founded in 2011 by Matteo Nicolotti and Francesco Ficarelli, two nerds who share the same passion for developing video games.

Their first project, Doom & Destiny, started as a prank against four friends, used as goofy protagonists. Unfortunatly, the friends liked the joke and forced the duo to continue the project and create a full fledged game.

Doom and Destiny, which was first released on Xbox 360, boomed soon after it was published on every major mobile app store.

Driven by the success of this first acclaimed title, HeartBit developed three more games: Miner Warfare, Spyleaks and DKBL.

In 2015 the team launched the second installment in the Doom and Destiny franchise, Doom and Destiny Advanced.

Web: http://www.heartbit-interactive.com/