Cybershoes GmbH

Cybershoes make it possible to walk and run in virtual reality. Benefit from a way more immersive experience. The high-end locomotion solution for the home that lets you feel like being in an arcade

“Cybershoes is a must-have VR accessory…The Cybershoes is an affordable yet innovative piece of VR accessory that is worn on your feet. When you do so, you can literally walk, run or flee through virtual reality, making the most of the experience” by

“a way that makes you feel like you’re experiencing VR for the very first time… Cybershoes take that VR experience to a brand new level and ought to be part of any retailer’s virtual demo.” by

You can check our YouTube video, ( ), to see the Cybershoes in action. We are launching a Kickstarter campaign after Gamescom.
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ABOUT Cybershoes GmbH
Cybershoes GmbH, (, is introducing its first product, Cybershoes, that seeks to immerse VR enthusiasts like no other product. Cybershoes GmbH is staffed by VR industry veterans, artists, mechanists, programmers, virtual designers and business professionals.