#SwissGames Breakfast @ Gamescom 2017

22. Aug 2017 10:00 - 12:00

Get a coffee and discover the brand new @SwissGames Pavilion

18 games and technologies will represent the Swiss gaming industry at Gamescom 2017

While Swiss start-ups like Artanim, Birdly, Apelab or Ozwe have received international credit, a new generation of young Swiss game developers is now rising and is ready to reach similar successes. Moreover, international companies like Facebook, Apple or Magic Leap recognize the excellence of Swiss research in visual computing and locate offices in Switzerland.

The #SwissGames selection reflects the diversity of this developing industry in Switzerland. It includes games with innovative design for every platform, as well as groundbreaking technologies. This year’s special focus lies on young, emerging Swiss studios on the one hand, and on interactive and immersive Virtual Reality experiences on the other.